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 Site Rp System

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PostSubject: Site Rp System   Site Rp System Icon_minitimeWed Mar 02, 2011 11:25 pm

Welcome to the Site...! Very Happy

Our Rping system is very simple and easy to adjust to.

-First off NO GODMODING.! For those who are new to rping, Godmodding
is making yourself overly powerful and conducting actions that our outside
of ones Control.

-Third No Foruming Jumping. That means you cant be posting in More the Topic at a time.
Stick to one topic at a time. This Also means that you cannot instantly appear anywhere at amy given time
Ex( john was in the Leaf Village and he post in an entire
different Village or Area)

-Charaters Must Stay i the Time frame
of the Current sit plot. Even though they do not have to Participate in the Plot
Please stay within the Time frame of It

- Lastly Keep Cursing to a Minimum, and Harassment
or Discriminitory Offensive Language will not be Tolerate

Have Fun..and Remember it's Just a Game No Sore Losers .!
Very Happy
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Site Rp System
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